Dogs are the most loyal and lovable companions, but are also thoroughly capable of getting themselves into mischievous situations. Their innate ability to turn their curious nature into trouble is a skill no other animal in the world can beat!

    Here are 10 of our favourite dogs caught in the act. It’s the price we pay for welcoming these bundles of joy into our homes – right?!

    1. They wouldn’t know…would they?


    2. If I can’t see them, they can’t see me… right?


    3. Sometimes your furry pal needs you to bail him out!


    4. Caught in the act!


    5. You’re a mean one, Pupper Grinch!


    6. This dog is getting the public shame punishment!


    7. Do you reckon he knows the culprit?


    8. At least she made an effort to apologise!


    9. I regret NOTHING!


    10. Some just can’t be controlled, even behind bars!