VIDEO: Our new 4.5 meter shuttle machine, Ffaldau

    We recently installed our largest machine yet at the Corilla Plastics facility. Ffaldau is a 4.5 meter-wide, 2 arm shuttle machine, equipped with an offset (drop arm) option.

    Take a look here:

    How raised feeders can help elderly horses

      Horses have evolved to be comfortable grazing for hours at a time, but bending down can become more difficult for horses in their elder years. For older horses, a raised feeder is often a lot more comfortable, and could also be a worthy investment for those that are prone to arthritis or other joint-related problems.

      It’s not just your horse’s head and neck which is in action when feeding at a low level. Eating from a low level means that the horse leans forward and places more weight on its forelegs, which might be uncomfortable for elderly horses.

      ned & fred’s raised feeder can help to alleviate these problems. Available in sizes from 6 inches up to 21 inches, you can choose the level that’s best for your hooved companion, whether Shetland or Shire horse! Designed with durability in mind, you won’t need to worry about the feeder taking the odd knock – all of ned & fred’s products will stand the test of time.

      The ned & fred raised feeder also doubles as a savvy storage solution which is especially helpful when you’re on the road. The inner cavity is perfect for storing dried food or other odds and ends when you’re travelling, when space is hard to come by!

      You can find the ned & fred raised feeder on our horse store alongside a range of handy solutions for the stable:

      Cockapoo critiques: Tails with Teddy

        Woof! I’m Teddy, an 11 month year old cockapoo.

        I’ve been lucky enough to recently receive a toy from the lovely people at ned & fred and I love it!

        Getting new toys is pretty paw-some, but this one is top dog! My new Decahedog keeps me on my paws and here’s why…

        The Decahedog has ten-sides and an inner cavity which is full of all my favourite treats! When my human fills it up I spend a furry long time nudging and chewing the sturdy structure until all my treats are where they belong, in my tummy!

        Luckily for me, I love to play and with a bit of determination anything is paw-ssible!

        Thank you for my new toy ned & fred – it’s lots of fun! Follow me on Instagram to see what I get up to, @Teddythecockapoo44.

        Bursting the bath-time bubble

          Bath-time – sometimes it’s a pleasure, sometimes a chore. Depending on how your dog feels about having a scrub, bath-time is undoubtably a splash zone, but it’s a necessity.

          For dogs, it’s in their nature to run around, swim in rivers, splash in puddles and for owners, it’s our job to make sure they’re clean, fresh and smelling sweetly before they get their muddy paw-prints over the furniture…

          Whether this is an inside job with a fort of towels and a shower, or outside under the hose – bath-time can be a soggy challenge for all those involved. With this in mind, we wanted to make it that little bit easier, so your dogs can continue to roll around in mud, without the worry for the bathroom at home.

          Our dog baths can be your pup’s personal haven when it comes to washing away the grime of the day.

          Available in a selection of colours and both small and large sizes, our moulded plastic dog baths are ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

          With a slip-resistant bottom to help your dog feel safe at bath-time, you could even add some of your own bubbles to make your pup feel pampered and relaxed.

          To help keep the mud and moult in, we have also introduced a drainage plug to avoid any nasty surprises and prevent clogging – making it easier and more efficient than ever to empty.

          Don’t let bath-time be a bust, our dog baths have been designed for heavy duty use – helping both owners and dogs to feel relaxed and comfortable at bath time.

          View our range here and burst the bath-time barriers!

          Storage solutions for the stable

            It’s no secret that looking after horses involves a lot of kit. From your tack to the buckets and hay nets for the stables, chances are you’ve collected a great deal of equipment over the years – and keeping it all organised can be tough, especially if you’re limited on space.

            What’s more, the true challenge often comes when you’re travelling for an event. Whether it’s a one-day event or a multiple-day stay, you’ll be carting a lot of equipment with you to keep both your horses and yourself happy and healthy. Even if you have a lorry for transport, space comes at a premium.

            So, why not make the most of the space that you do have by taking advantage of multi-purpose storage solutions?

            Take the ned & fred feeder, for example. You can fill it with dried food or loose equipment while travelling, then use it as a feeder on arrival. It’s available in sizes from 6” to 21” and takes standard size stainless steel bowls at each measurement.

            Similarly, ned & fred’s Tack Storage Box can double as a transport solution and a secure storage option. Available with a security hasp and handle, you can be confident that your belongings are safe throughout an event. And, of course, you can choose from a range of colours to meet your horsey aesthetic (let’s face it, we all love matching our horse’s rugs to their headcollars and beyond).

            All of ned & fred’s products are rotationally moulded, meaning that they are inherently durable. The roto-moulding process doesn’t add any unwanted stress to the plastic, resulting in sturdy and reliable products. You can be confident that ned & fred’s storage solutions will hold up to the unavoidable knocks and bumps that come of working with horses.

            To take a look at ned & fred’s storage solutions, trot on over to our horse shop:

            Raising the bar at feeding time

              For us humans, they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, when it comes to feeding time for our pups, we know that this is the time that they value (maybe even more so than going for a walk)!

              Whether you’ve got a greedy guzzler or a neat nibbler, it is a proven fact that stooping down to eat isn’t good for your dog’s digestion, particularly if you’ve got a big dog or a senior who struggles when bending.

              That is why we’re introducing our raised dog feeder.

              This dual purpose feeder not only makes feeding time even easier for your dog and better for their digestion, but the inner cavity can store dry food which is particularly useful if you’re travelling with your pup.

              Available in six different sizes depending on your dog’s breed, this raised feeder will improve the eating and drinking angle, promoting a healthy neck and particularly supporting those older dogs with arthritis.

              Taking a standard size stainless steel feeding bowl to ensure you can maintain your regular portion sizes, this raised feeder is durable and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The white marble design makes this ideal for any dog and we even offer free delivery on all our products, so what are you waiting for?

              If you want to support healthy digestion and neck strength for your dog, our raised feeder may be just the thing! View it here:

              Designed for durability – equine equipment that you can count on

                Horses are usually gentle giants. Anybody that has spent much time around horses knows how caring and cautious they tend to be, but equipment is always going to take a few knocks and bumps over time.

                That’s why it’s important to invest in equipment that is designed for durability, and capable of taking a bit of rough and tumble. Whether it’s your buckets, specialist feeders or storage solutions, it’s worth finding a supplier that understands the realities of the equestrian lifestyle.

                Here at ned & fred, we manufacture all of our products in-house. This means we’re in control of the process from the design through to quality control and testing – making sure our products only hit the shelf when they meet our stringent standards.

                What’s more, we are animal lovers by nature. We know that it’s not just the longevity of our products that’s important – fragile equipment can break in ways that create sharp edges or even shards that can enter horse’s food.

                All ned & fred products are rotationally moulded – a plastic forming process that relies on time, temperature and rotation. The benefits of rotationally moulded products include:

                • Inherently durable – rotational moulding adds no unwanted stress to the plastic
                • Double-walled structures – lending additional strength where necessary
                • Long-lasting
                • Designed to accept metal inserts like handles without introducing structural weaknesses

                This is why you can trust ned & fred products to last the test of time, and never endanger your horses. When it comes to buying equipment for the stables, quality is everything. Purchasing from an in-house manufacturer that understands the day to day realities of equine life will lend you invaluable peace of mind, and keep your horse happy and healthy.

                Trot on over to the ned & fred horse shop to check out our products:

                Keeping cool with our splash pool

                  As the summer months are fast approaching, that calls for hotter days, longer nights and glorious sunshine (or so we hope…). But, ensuring we take the time to think of our furry friends in these warmer times is important.

                  If we are feeling warm it’s no doubt that our much loved companions, who are covered head to toe in an extra layer, are also feeling the heat.

                  Whether it’s finding a shady spot or having a paddle in a pool – although we love the sun, we need to take a break from it sometimes, and this is the same for our dogs.

                  That’s why, at ned&fred, we have taken these luxuries and have developed a purpose built splash pool for dogs! Your dog can have their own paddling product to use at their leisure on hot days, keeping the drool in the pool!

                  Available in large or small sizes, it doesn’t matter what dog you have we are confident that the splash pool will lead to hours of watery fun, all whilst keeping your pup’s core body temperature down.

                  Our splash pools, unlike their inflatable counterparts, have been one-piece moulded from durable plastic to protect from excitable claws. Making it even easier to keep man’s best friend cool, just fill up and you’re ready to go!

                  So, if you’re looking for a treat for your pup this summer that will not only help to keep them cool but also allow them to jump around and have some fun – our splash pools could be just the thing.

                  And even better, we offer free delivery on all pet products! What are you waiting for? View our range of splash pools in a variety of colours here:

                  How soaking hay can help your horses with the heat…

                    We all know that horses can be fussy eaters, especially when you’ve got their best interests at heart. Sometimes, though, it’s worth convincing them to try something new – like hay that has been soaked.

                    Those with horses prone to laminitis will probably be familiar with this trick already, but soaking your hay can be helpful to horses of all kinds. This is especially true during hot weather, when it’s important to keep them hydrated.

                    Soaking hay is a quick and easy process, and it’s worth getting into the habit. Here’s what it can do for your horses:


                    1. Cut dust out of their diet

                    Anyone that’s ever been in a hay barn will tell you that they’re extremely dusty places. When eating hay, horses will ingest dust and mould that can worsen, or in some cases cause, respiratory issues.

                    By soaking your hay, you can significantly reduce the amount of dust and mould that your horse is exposed to. Some horses are more sensitive to dust than others, especially when it is hot, and soaking their hay is an easy way to help keep them comfortable.


                    1. Reduce their sugar intake

                    Horses, like many humans, love sugar. Whether it’s fresh grass, hay or the occasional mint polo, it’s no secret that a sweet tooth is something we share with our four-legged friends. High sugar intake in horses can cause inflammation within the hoof known as laminitis, which is why it’s important to keep an eye on how much sugar they have access to.

                    Soaking hay helps to reduce its sugar content, keeping your horse healthy and happy.


                    1. Keep them hydrated

                    As obvious as it may sound, it’s worth highlighting that eating soaked hay will help to keep your horse hydrated. As long as they have access to water, horses are usually good at drinking plenty, but giving them soaked hay can help to ensure that they take on enough water even when it’s hot.


                    Soaking hay for as little as ten minutes can remove a great deal of dust, but if you’re looking to reduce its sugar content, you’ll want to soak it for a bit longer – from 30 minutes to an hour.

                    Using a ned & fred Hay Soaker makes the process even easier. Simply fill the Hay Soaker from the hose, drop your hay in and ensure that it is submerged, then remove the drainage plug once you’re ready. In this way, you don’t have to worry about lugging water around on a hot day.

                    Top-tip: if your horse is a fussy eater and doesn’t seem interested in soaked hay, try mixing it with dry hay before transitioning to fully-soaked.


                    To purchase a ned & fred Hay Soaker, and view the rest of our range, visit our horse shop at: