How raised feeders can help elderly horses

    Horses have evolved to be comfortable grazing for hours at a time, but bending down can become more difficult for horses in their elder years. For older horses, a raised feeder is often a lot more comfortable, and could also be a worthy investment for those that are prone to arthritis or other joint-related problems.

    It’s not just your horse’s head and neck which is in action when feeding at a low level. Eating from a low level means that the horse leans forward and places more weight on its forelegs, which might be uncomfortable for elderly horses.

    ned & fred’s raised feeder can help to alleviate these problems. Available in sizes from 6 inches up to 21 inches, you can choose the level that’s best for your hooved companion, whether Shetland or Shire horse! Designed with durability in mind, you won’t need to worry about the feeder taking the odd knock – all of ned & fred’s products will stand the test of time.

    The ned & fred raised feeder also doubles as a savvy storage solution which is especially helpful when you’re on the road. The inner cavity is perfect for storing dried food or other odds and ends when you’re travelling, when space is hard to come by!

    You can find the ned & fred raised feeder on our horse store alongside a range of handy solutions for the stable: