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How raised feeders can help elderly horses

Horses have evolved to be comfortable grazing for hours at a time, but bending down can become more difficult for horses in their elder years. For older horses, a raised feeder is often a lot more comfortable, and could also be a worthy investment for those that are prone to arthritis or other joint-related problems. […]

Cockapoo critiques: Tails with Teddy

Woof! I’m Teddy, an 11 month year old cockapoo. I’ve been lucky enough to recently receive a toy from the lovely people at ned & fred and I love it! Getting new toys is pretty paw-some, but this one is top dog! My new Decahedog keeps me on my paws and here’s why… The Decahedog […]

Bursting the bath-time bubble

Bath-time – sometimes it’s a pleasure, sometimes a chore. Depending on how your dog feels about having a scrub, bath-time is undoubtably a splash zone, but it’s a necessity. For dogs, it’s in their nature to run around, swim in rivers, splash in puddles and for owners, it’s our job to make sure they’re clean, […]

Storage solutions for the stable

It’s no secret that looking after horses involves a lot of kit. From your tack to the buckets and hay nets for the stables, chances are you’ve collected a great deal of equipment over the years – and keeping it all organised can be tough, especially if you’re limited on space. What’s more, the true […]

Raising the bar at feeding time

For us humans, they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, when it comes to feeding time for our pups, we know that this is the time that they value (maybe even more so than going for a walk)! Whether you’ve got a greedy guzzler or a neat nibbler, it is […]

Keeping cool with our splash pool

As the summer months are fast approaching, that calls for hotter days, longer nights and glorious sunshine (or so we hope…). But, ensuring we take the time to think of our furry friends in these warmer times is important. If we are feeling warm it’s no doubt that our much loved companions, who are covered […]

How soaking hay can help your horses with the heat…

We all know that horses can be fussy eaters, especially when you’ve got their best interests at heart. Sometimes, though, it’s worth convincing them to try something new – like hay that has been soaked. Those with horses prone to laminitis will probably be familiar with this trick already, but soaking your hay can be […]

The Decahedog Dog Distraction

The last few months have resulted in us staying at home more than ever before, much to the welcome surprise of our four-legged friends. Whether they’ve had more cuddles than normal or have enjoyed longer walks, it’s safe to say that our dogs love having us around. Although, that said… sometimes, whether working from home […]