The Decahedog Dog Distraction

    The last few months have resulted in us staying at home more than ever before, much to the welcome surprise of our four-legged friends. Whether they’ve had more cuddles than normal or have enjoyed longer walks, it’s safe to say that our dogs love having us around.

    Although, that said… sometimes, whether working from home or tackling some long overdue DIY projects – our dogs can be a distraction. We love them, but sometimes we need to work without any interruptions…

    As pet lovers, ned&fred has come up with a solution to distract your doggos so you can get on with the tasks in hand.

    Introducing the Decahedog…

    Proclaimed boredom buster, the decahedog, has been tried and tested for hours of fun for your pups.

    The sturdy ten-sided toy is great for both indoor and outdoor play – just fill the inner cavity with treats and we’re sure your dog will be entertained.

    Our one piece moulded products have been designed for heavy duty use, so whether you’ve got a boisterous boy or a pampered pooch, the decahedog will last a lot longer than the treats will!

    Available in a range of colours, the decahedog has one more added benefit – free delivery! So, what are you waiting for? Bust that boredom and distract your dog today!