Keeping cool with our splash pool

    As the summer months are fast approaching, that calls for hotter days, longer nights and glorious sunshine (or so we hope…). But, ensuring we take the time to think of our furry friends in these warmer times is important.

    If we are feeling warm it’s no doubt that our much loved companions, who are covered head to toe in an extra layer, are also feeling the heat.

    Whether it’s finding a shady spot or having a paddle in a pool – although we love the sun, we need to take a break from it sometimes, and this is the same for our dogs.

    That’s why, at ned&fred, we have taken these luxuries and have developed a purpose built splash pool for dogs! Your dog can have their own paddling product to use at their leisure on hot days, keeping the drool in the pool!

    Available in large or small sizes, it doesn’t matter what dog you have we are confident that the splash pool will lead to hours of watery fun, all whilst keeping your pup’s core body temperature down.

    Our splash pools, unlike their inflatable counterparts, have been one-piece moulded from durable plastic to protect from excitable claws. Making it even easier to keep man’s best friend cool, just fill up and you’re ready to go!

    So, if you’re looking for a treat for your pup this summer that will not only help to keep them cool but also allow them to jump around and have some fun – our splash pools could be just the thing.

    And even better, we offer free delivery on all pet products! What are you waiting for? View our range of splash pools in a variety of colours here: